Tuesday July 9

Location: IMU Georgian Room

7:45-8:45am: Breakfast

Opening Remarks (8:45-9am)

Session 1: Health (9-10:30am)
Session Chair: Raquel Hill

kelly-caineInvited talk: A Human-Centered Tool for Enhancing Patient Privacy in Electronic Medical Record Systems

Kelly Caine, Assistant Professor, Clemson University
(Read Kelly Caine’s biography.)


Users’ Attitudes, Perception, and Concerns in the Era of Whole Genome Sequencing,
Emiliano De Cristofaro

10:30-11am: Coffee Break

Session 2: Communities (11am-12:30pm)
Session Chair: Sameer Patil

Mobile Application Evaluation Using Automation and Crowdsourcing,
Shahriyar Amini, Jialiu Lin, Jason Hong, Janne Lindqvist and Joy Zhang

An Empirical Analysis of the Utility of a Differentially Private Social Science Dataset,
Raquel Hill and Mike Hansen

Enhancing Tools For Community Privacy,
Dennis Kafura, Tom Dehart, Manuel Perez-Quinones, Denis Gracanin and Andrea Kavanaugh

12:30-2pm: Lunch (IMU University Club)

Session 3: Anonymity (2-3:30pm)
Session Chair: Janne Lindqvist

Photo by Joi Ito

Photo by Joi Ito

Invited talk: Lessons from Tor: How to Help Developers and Researchers Improve your Privacy Tool

Roger Dingledine, Project Leader, Director, Researcher, The Tor Project
(Read Roger Dingledine’s biography.)


Anonymouth Revamped: Getting Closer to Stylometric Anonymity,
Andrew W.E. McDonald, Jeffrey Ulman, Marc Barrowclift and Rachel Greenstadt

3:30-4pm: Coffee Break

Session 4: Snoops (4-6pm)
Session Chair: Adam J. Lee

Mozilla - Sid StammInvited talk: Online Snoops and Thwarting Them With Transparency, Choice and Control

Sid Stamm, Lead Privacy Engineer, Mozilla
(Read Sid Stamm’s biography.)


Password Knight: Protecting Users from Insecure Password Fields,
Sameer Patil and Tanvi Vyas

Please Fix Your Interfaces: The Ease of Basic Usability,
Sumeet Gujrati and Eugene Vasserman

7:30pm: PETS Welcome Cocktail (IMU University Club)